Eonian Care - Your safe and smart baby solutions.

At Eonian Care we understand that while breastfeeding your baby can be a wonderful experience, it’s not always an easy one. Just like your baby, you are new to this too. Our baby feeding solutions are designed with mums in mind, so you can focus on what’s most important. Enjoying those precious bonding moments with your little one.

An Australian owned and operated baby care company. All Eonian Care products are inspired by nature. All of our products are tested to meet or even exceed the Australian Standards. We know all too well the Mumma bear instinct to find baby solutions that keep your little one safe is most important. 

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Quality products without the price tag

Mum-to-be Summer and Cheryl, a mum to a cheeky two-year-old toddler. Were surprised at how expensive it was to find good quality baby essentials. Without needing to spend a fortune.

By bringing Eonian Care to Australia our aim is to ease the financial burden of raising a baby. Instead allowing you to focus on your joyous journey through motherhood. All Eonian Care baby solutions are multi-functional and most of all kind to your wallet while still offering innovative and stylish baby products.

You’re in safe hands

At Eonian Care, we put your little one’s safety as our top priority. Our entire range of feeding, pumping and breastfeeding accessories are BPA, lead and other harmful compounds free. They have been tested to meet stringent standards because we know only the best will do for your special one.

Our products are designed with safety in mind, giving you reassurance and peace of mind. All electric products are electrically safe with CE certificates and thereby comply with the Australian Standards. While the products are new to the Australian market they have been trusted by millions of families throughout the world.

Designed for ease and comfort

Our mission is to simplify the feeding and breast pumping experience for busy mums. This is what sets us apart from the competitions and makes the stylish Eonian Care products the right choice for new mums.

Our lightweight and rechargeable breast pump allows you to express with ease whenever you are ready. With a simple click, you can sit back and relax while you are pumping. Most of our electric products come with LED screens, so you are always kept informed throughout the breast pumping or sterilising process. Here at Eonian Care we are proud of our multi-functional design in all aspects of bottle preparation including warming, dispensing, sterilising and cleaning up.

Eonian Care makes feeding your little one easier at every stage of your baby’s growth. To check out our full range of safe and affordable baby products visit the Shop.