Eonian Care Breast Pump Valve Accessory


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  • BPA free.
  • Medical grade silicone.
  • Patented design to avoid milk flowing back to the motor.

Our patented silicone breast pump valve only allows your precious breastmilk to go smoothly down into the bottle, without the need to go back to the motor unit through the air tubes. This closed system helps to prevent the loss of vitamins, minerals and other precious nutrients in your breast milk.

Every drop of breast milk you pump is precious. 

Lots of newborn mommies are not aware that some breast pump parts or accessories do require replacing regularly. It is inevitable that some parts will wear down while using over time. If you’ve noticed something is not right with your breast pump, like a loss in suction, or a decrease in milk yield. The primary thing that you should check are the valves.

We recommend replacing the valve every 8-12 weeks, depending on cleaning and use, to get the best performance.

At the point when the valve accessory wears out, it makes your breast pump less effective. When the motor has to work harder to achieve the right suction power that it needs to. Then, it is time to replace the valve.

Note: One spare valve. Two valve covers already included in our Eonian Care breast pump set. Please follow the instructions and assemble all the parts correctly to ensure the best suction strength.

breast pump valve accessoryEonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump and Breast Pump Valve Accessory


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