Eonian Care Breast Pump Massage Cushion Accessory Small Size


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  • BPA free
  • Excellent fit for smaller nipples
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Extra soft massage cushion gives you a warm and soft touch



Comfortable pumping made possible with this Small Sized Massage Cushion.


At Eonian Care, we truly understand that it is important to use the correct breast pump size for your own personal comfort when pumping. A perfectly fitting breast pump maximises milk output and improves pumping efficiency. The Small Sized Massage Cushion is designed to reduce the standard 24mm breast shield down to 21mm, which is suitable mothers with smaller nipples. It also provides a warm and soft touch allowing you to experience maximum comfort.


Here are some tips to help determine your optimal size:

  • Start with the original breast shield in your Eonian Care pump kit. Gently attach the breast shield against your breast and centre the nipple in the funnel. Start the pump with the massage mode for a few minutes first.
  • The breast shield size is correct if your nipple moves freely and easily in the funnel when pumping. None or very little of the areola tissue is in the funnel.
  • If you feel pain or experience sore nipples after pumping, then the standard-sized breast shield is probably not for you:
  • Breast shield too small: the nipple rubs along the side of the funnel. You feel unexpressed milk after pumping. Please order 28mm bowl shape and 32mm horn shape breast shield kit here.
  • Breast shield too Large: the nipple and excessive areola are pulled into the funnel. Discomfort or pain when pumping.




1* size S 21mm massage cushion



More Information

BPA Free

Convenient for travelling

Compatible with Eonian Care Smart Electric Breast Pumps

Breast shield and pump connector are not included




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