Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer


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  • Gentle & painless
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy and Fast
  • Anti-slip edge
  • 2-speed switch
  • 4 durable filing discs included (0-3 m, 3-6 m, 6-12 m, 12 m+)
  • Includes a handy carrying case and stand
  • Replaceable filing discs available
  • Ages 0+

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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer


Gently files the soft fingernails without causing pain on your little one


Are you too afraid to use scissors or nail clippers on your baby’s nails? Concerned that you might accidentally cut their skin. Don’t worry you’re not alone. While it’s a common concern for most parents it shouldn’t be.


Eonian Care has developed a new perfect solution. Our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer can safely and gently file your little one’s soft fingernails. Without causing any pain.


The battery-operated, electric nail trimmer has two speeds and four Cushioned File Pads, meeting the needs in your baby’s different age range. The portable and stylish storage box is provided for your convenience. Raising a baby is safer and easier with Eonian Care.




Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Diagram

10 reviews for Eonian Care Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

  1. They are a lifesaver and take away any mummy guilt when trying to use little clippers or baby scissors. Strongly recommend it for all new mums.

  2. Brilliant product, removes the anxiety of trimming a baby’s nails safely.

  3. Works really well. I do it when my baby is asleep so the fingers are relaxed and he doesn’t even wake up. If u hit the skin or press too hard it just stops spinning.

  4. Love this nail trimmer! I got it as a gift and was something I hadn’t ever thought of but it turned out so much easier and quicker than struggling with clippers. Absolute lifesaver.

  5. Very good. Easy to use and safe for babies

  6. (verified owner)

    My baby boy is very fidgety and likes to wriggle about, even when asleep! This gentle nail trimmer has made keeping his nails short worry-free for me! It is easy to use and even when baby moves, it does not hurt the baby. Would recommend it to first time moms to make you feel calmer when trimming your baby’s nails.

  7. This nail trimmer is really easy to use. Got it as a gift and I am very happy with it. Definitely recommend this nail trimmer.

  8. Works great for our newborn. No awkwardness cutting nails while they move around.
    Awesome product

  9. (verified owner)

    Just received mine and it is absolutely amazing! I’ve always been too nervous to cut my babies nails and so I’d ask my mum to do it (new mum if you can tell) and so I ordered this and it’s so awesome!!!

  10. Easy to use and safe for babies and works great for newborn.

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