Eonian Care Electric Steriliser and Dryer


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  • Safety-first: made from BPA free PP material. Our electric steriliser automatically switches off when drying for maximum safety and features a built-in HEPA air filter.
  • Efficient: you can sterilise up to 8 bottles plus accessories at the same time.
  • Ultra-Hygienic:offering a 2 in 1 sterilising and drying solution.
  • Easy: The digital LED display with stylish touch buttons keeps you informed throughout the sterilising or drying cycle.
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Electric Steriliser & Dryer

Electric steriliser and dryer to make bottle cleaning a breeze

As mums, we understand that hygiene is extremely important. With the Eonian Care Electric Steriliser and Dryer, bottle feeding has never been easier. Allowing for ample time for drying and sterilising up to 8 baby bottles.  While making it easy and simple to operate. 


Our open-designed steriliser uses natural steam to sterilise feeding bottles and accessories, killing 99.9% of harmful germs without using any sort of chemicals. It can keep all bottles, teats and other accessories germ-free for up to 24 hours if the lid remains unopened.


Unlike traditional air-dry or towel-dry options on the market, which may contaminate the sterilised items. Whereas our unique drying function built into the Eonian Care Steriliser gives all baby bottles and accessories a warm drying, leaving them ready for use.


We are also proud to introduce the HEPA air filter and carbon filter. Keeping the air pollutants, dirt, odour and other nasty contaminants out of the steriliser when drying bottles. Once sterilising and drying has been completed. Our appliance’s switches off immediately, saving energy as well as giving you peace of mind.

Tongs are provided for easy grip of sterilised items.


7 reviews for Eonian Care Electric Steriliser and Dryer

  1. My wife and I absolutely LOVE this Steriliser and Dryer in one, which we’ve been using daily without fail for the last 2 months. Super easy to use, and has a generous capacity between the drum and tray. This takes the guess-work out of ensuring bottles & accessories, breast pumping equipment, dummies, teething toys etc. are clean and safe for use and a real time-saver compared with manual washing, drying etc. This is easily one of the best small investments we’ve ever made. I could not recommend this product more.

  2. So convenient having a steamer and dryer in one package, can get a little squishy inside when you’re doing a full load of wide neck bottles (like Avent) but if you get a little creative with the placement you should be able to get a 6 or 7 in there along with all of the ring tops, teats and caps.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the drying function is actually with warm air – when researching this brand before purchase I’d come across a review elsewhere disparaging it for using cold air, which almost had me purchasing a brand from America instead (for a lot more money) – I’m so glad I made the plunge on this though as it turned out better than I expected.

    The 2 year warranty is also a good sign that it is designed to last.

    Considering the price for what you get, along with the convenience factor I think this is probably best in market.

  3. (verified owner)

    Great machine saves so much time with the drying process I am glad I found it !! Delivery was done next day

  4. I really love this product. This is the best among the same products I’ve tried in the past. It’s very convenient and helpful. I’ll never regret buying this. Not too expensive. It’s worth the price. My steriliser plus dryer was delivered in a timey manner. A really big help in my motherhood journey. Thanks Eonian, you did a great job making this brilliant stuff.

  5. Great help. Worth the price!!!

  6. We both love this sterliser and dryer as its super easy to use and have dryer function. It has a big basket and fits many bottles and accessories. Definitely recommended.

  7. (verified owner)

    I am soooo impressed !
    Excellent purchase and highly recommend it
    Takes a load off when sterilizing and drying !!
    I am glad I got this !!

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