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Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump


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  • Efficient: the double electric breast pump allows simultaneous pumping to save time and it may even boost your milk yield.
  • Safe: BPA-free for peace of mind
  • Use on the go: the rechargeable battery, neck strap and handy USB cable allow you to charge and pump on the go. Offering a perfectly portable solution.
  • Easy adjustment of pumping modes and suction strength: you can switch from 5-Phase massage mode to 9-Phase expression mode with one touch.
  • Super quiet: less than 45 decibels when pumping, combined with the LED night light, you can be assured that your little sweetheart will not be disturbed.
  • Stylish: the lightweight and palm-sized motor unit fitted with our innovative trackball and LED screen.
  • Medical grade: patented closed-system design and certified by The Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia and European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards IEC-60601

Eonian Care Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Eonian Care Breast Milk Collector Nipple Shield 2 Pack

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Back in Stock with Upgraded Battery Performance!





Efficiently pump using our hospital-grade smart double electric breast pump.




We know that new mums can be time-poor when it comes to fitting everything into the day that your newborn needs. This is why our smart double electric breast pump is perfect for pumping efficiently, proving a potential increase in your milk yield at the same time.


Eonian Care experts have created this smart double electric breast pump with mum and bubs in mind. Featuring a rechargeable battery, soft massage cushion, flexible pumping settings, stylish design and many more thoughtful features. This lightweight breast pump is designed to give maximum mobility, comfort and freedom.


All parts of the smart breast pump that come into direct contact with breast milk are BPA free. Assuring your peace of mind when using Eonian Care baby products. The one-touch switch from massage mode to expression mode combined with the option to choose up to nine vacuum strengths. To best suit your personal preferences. 


This pump comes with minimal parts so it is easy to assemble and clean. The quiet design and night light makes this the best electric breast pump to use at night without disturbing your little one.


Order now and enjoy free shipping plus feel safe knowing you are covered by our two-year replacement warranty. It is also certified by European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards IEC-60601.


The Eonian Care breast pump comes with two standard-size 24mm breast shields. Click here for two bigger sizes and here for one smaller size to match your personal needs.




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20 reviews for Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump

  1. (verified owner)

    I am a first time mom and really determine on breastfeeding my child but I’ve got to go back to work so pumping is the best solution for me to achieve that. Finding a good breast pump is even harder. I wish I met Eonian Care breast pump earlier so I didn’t have to waste my money on other pumps.

    Best thing is the pump is so quiet so I can pump anywhere even at my desk at work! The suction strength is also great not too hard or too weak that makes me enjoy pumping more. The customer service is excellent and very helpful.

  2. Excellent pump!! I was a bit concerned taking a risk to get this at first because noone knew the brand. But now im not regretting it at all.. its amazing.. so handy with pocket size motor and it’s really powerful. In boosted my milk production and im happy pumping. Thank you!! And the set is just so worth it! Very reasonable!! Dont think any other brand could give me such a deal! Love it!!

  3. (verified owner)

    Amazing pump!! First time mum and didn’t know what to expect. Portable and great for travel. So light and easy to use. Highly recommend.

  4. I love this pump so much! It’s so comfortable & efficient! Due to a bad latch when my baby girl was first born one of my nipples became cracked & too sore to feed her for a while, but I’ve still been able to painlessly pump enough to feed her!

    Can not recommend highly enough!!

  5. I purchased this pump a bit over a year ago when it was on sale in a bundle with the steriliser. Many people had been asking if this is good since they couldn’t find many reviews online, so here I am lol

    Since baby’s arrival I’ve tried out this pump, spectra S1 and Avent comfort pump. I can say that I prefer this pump the most out of the three.

    Spectra has more settings when pumping but I don’t see an output difference and it is bulky and hard to move around with, but battery lasts longer.

    Eonian care pump is great, I use a pumping pal flange with it and it is going strong for almost 9 months now. It is very easy to move around with or pack it with you when you’re out. I put it on charge on my laptop whenever I’m finished. And price is reasonable.

    Only thing is I don’t like the membranes that come with, it’s difficult to clean and breaks easy so ive swapped them into duck bills which works wonderfully.

    Oh and customer service is very helpful when you have any questions 🙂

  6. So happy with this pump compared to previous brands I’ve owned. The five level massage options is very effective at triggering my let down (which I had found difficult previously with pumps with a single let down function). It’s so light and comfortable to use, and the battery life is excellent. I was hesitant to buy it given that Eonian is a lesser known brand and there weren’t many reviews, so wanted to share my positive experience for others considering this pump.

  7. (verified owner)

    If I could give this more stars I would!! Love this breast pump. The pump is so small and portable that it has made pumping so easy for this FTM. So simple to use and very comfortable. I can get a full bottle expressed in 5 minutes.
    Cannot recommend enough!

  8. I absolutely love this pump! When i had my daughter 3 months ago a bought another brand of pump which i found took ages and was very loud. I recently bought this pump instead and found that i can get two full bottles in less than 10 minutes and it’s quiet! This pump is a life saver, couldnt recommend it enough!

  9. (verified owner)

    Super happy with the eoniancare double breast pump, it is just perfect for me, and being a first time mother could not have asked for anything better.

    Portable, quality, value & service all stood out for me, takes just around 10-12min to finish is amazing too.

    Guess took the right decision to look for a local company like eoniancare rather than the multinational companies which have inflated pricing.

  10. I purchased this pump around a year ago while I was pregnant. I am now returning to work after 6 months and am so glad I chose this one! It isn’t bulky and best of all is portable, which is great for my work. Highly recommend this product, my sister in law ended up purchasing this pump after using a different brand with 2 kids and wishes she new about this brand earlier!

  11. (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend this product. The reviews helped a lot with making my purchase, I was going to buy the spectra or the Medela but it was couple more hundred dollars this one is perfect especially being on sale so it was definitely a bargain. Quality wise 5 stars and works amazing!!!!

  12. (verified owner)

    This breast pump is great! Highly recommend.
    I’ve been using a borrowed Spectra pump but it’s bulky and I knew I wouldn’t be able to lug it to work and back easily when I need to, so I thought I’d give this one a go. It works brilliantly – I actually express more quickly with this than the more expensive Spectra. This pump is light and portable, rechargeable and easy to use. I’m so glad I chose it! Really great value and help from the customer service team.

  13. I’ve been using this pump for almost a week, after it had been recommend by mums who exclusively pump. They recommended it over other industry leaders. The suction is strong for a double pump and its super portable. I love that it’s usb chargeable and like the interface. I love that you get everything you need to get you started, delivery was really fast and the customer service has been great. I’d definitely recommend this pump
    They’re compatible with avent bottles. I can’t really use my old pumping bras but will buy eonian ones. Also the charge only lasts about 2 pumps but, it’s easy enough to charge. I’m also going to buy a second set of connectors so one air dries while I use the other. Very happy with a very economical product

  14. Although i haven’t tried a lot of different electric pump brands, this pump is perfect for me. Its light, portable, can do multiple pumps per charge and I only need to have it on the lowest 2 settings to have my milk flow out. The massage cushions make a real confort difference. I thought i needed a closed system pump but i have had no issue at all and saved so much money.
    I want to let others know how great this product is as there wasn’t many reviews when i bought this pump. Also the cooler bag is so handy. My tip is just remember to lean forward a touch when expressing.
    I also spoke a few times to customer service and they were very responsive and helpful.

  15. (verified owner)

    This is such a great portable pump that I even bought a second set, no regrets! Easy to carry and pumps out a lot of milk. Very affordable comparing to other big brands! Really highly recommend it! I have been recommending to my friends too!!

  16. First time mum – I wanted a portable breast pump for on the go and that was decently priced.

    Works well however battery life doesn’t last as long but can still be in use when charging.

    One problem I did have was with the bottles it comes with. One bottle (has only been hand washed and sterilised in an electric steam steriliser) has warped so it doesn’t sit flat anymore but the other bottle is completely fine. Philips Avent bottles are compatible with this pump.

  17. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my pump since bub was 2 weeks old and it hasn’t skipped a beat!!
    I love its portability the most, and took it with us on a trip from Vic to Qld and back 🙂

  18. (verified owner)

    I am a FTM and seen this pump was recommended on a mums group I am on along with the popular spectra, medela etc and thought why not give eonian care a go. Ong I am not disappointed!! 7 weeks breastfeeding now and expressing to freeze and I use this pump daily. It has great battery life, you can use it as a double or a single very easily. The bottle are not great for me personally the flow was to fast so I don’t use them to feed. My only major suggestion for the product is to make the 2 base plates that hold the pumps while not in use heavier and more snug as they are useless and the pumps are consistently falling out of the holders so I just leave them on the drying mat now

  19. I’m not only impressed by my Eonian Care breast pump but also with the standard of customer service. After 6 months of great use I had some issues with my unit. Eonian Care got back to me and sorted out the problem within 24 hours! After using other pump brands I can confidently say that I love this pump the most and I’m a big fan of this company.

  20. (verified owner)

    I had hired a Medela hospital grade pump from ABA for the first two months after our baby was born. It would take over an hour to pump and was expensive ($25 a week – quickly adds up). I almost gave up.
    However once finding this pump, via a One Fine Baby review, it seemed to tick all the boxes but mostly provided more freedom (no wall attachment). I can now pump in half the time and have significantly more milk using the massage function (my milk supply has been a challenge, so this has reduced my stress). I would recommend this pump because:
    1. It allows freedom to pump anywhere
    2. My milk supply has increased (it has amazing suction/seal)
    3. It is a closed system that is easy to clean
    4. It also looks nice!

    I suggest you measure your nipple size to ensure the standard 24mm cushion seal is suited to your body. I knew I needed the 21mm but thought I would try the standard first – it hurt.

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